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Episode 17: Harnessing the Best from Volunteering with Baliqees Salaudeen

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For about 5years, Baliqees Salaudeen has consistently worked as a development expert and a serial volunteer in Nigeria, her activities spanning environmental management, Climate Change Activism and youth Development.

She’s an Alumnus of Accra Business School and a Fellow of African Young Leaders Fellowship Program, Accra, Ghana.

Baliqees leads notable Environmental platforms in Kwara State and North Central Nigeria, including PickThatTrash, North Central Climate Conference, Climate Strike/Fridays For Future.

She has been engaged by several organizations including UNDP, ICCDI, YIAGA and the Federal Ministry of Environment.

Baliqees is the Executive Director and Founder of Bays Planet Foundation and the Director of Research, Advocacy and Strategy for AREAI4AFRICA.

You can catch up with her:
Mail— Baliqees16@gmail.com
LinkedIn— Baliqees Salaudeen
Twitter— humanitarian_bs
Instagram— Baliqees_Salaudeen

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