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Episode 12: Tech Community Leads Around Nigeria with kamaldeen Kehinde

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Kamaldeen Kehinde (a Managing Director and Community Organizer at Kwarabuild | Malhub) specializes in building and creating value towards tech ecosystem development. Yusuf’s Program incubation and management expertise is rooted in providing technical guidance, mentorship, community support and facilitation to help evangelize the importance of tech innovation across the nation.

Kamaldeen Kehinde is a Community Organizer for Kwarabuild tech community. In this capacity and in his role as the Community Lead, Yusuf is responsible for providing technical guidance, enablement, Knowledge Base, Best Practices and related collaterals to internal and external technical audience within and outside kwara. He is a popular and regular Speaker at technical conferences and workshops ((including Ingressive Campus Events, Malhub Meetup, and more), presenting technical subject matters related to Community building and tech ecosystem. His main passions are his Mum and Twin sister (Mrs Asmau and Taiwo).

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