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Episode 1: Public Speaking with Olaleye Rosiji

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Olaleye Olabode Rosiji is regarded as a Life Management Expert, Leadership and Discovery Coach. He works with both Corporate Organizations and Individuals. He leads the foremost MindShiftAfrica Team (A Team of Africa’s foremost Mental Transformation Agents). He is a United Kingdom Trained Life Coach, Psychologist and Neuro-Scientist.  He is also a Top-Notch Speaker, Communications Expert, Writer, Business Stimulator, Project Manager and a Management Strategist.


5 thoughts on “Episode 1: Public Speaking with Olaleye Rosiji

  1. This podcast is so enriching. I have been able to get some secrets to help me become better in public speaking. Nice job…

  2. The number of times I have encountered ‘pastor Leye’ as fondly called as been transformational. He is simply unique

  3. “…beyond the technical nature of such an experience, confidence is key” passion, energy… Connectivity… Be you!
    These are quite deep values shared via audio.
    It’s worth sharing and I hope audio standard will be worked upon to meet up with standard.
    I wait patiently to see these contents go live on YouTube

  4. Wow! Is a nice move, love the interaction and most importantly where our host strike on the issue of “self learning as one of his key factor to public speaking”.

    My Boss Ango Mustapha, am searching for opening in BBC/CNN for you oooo.

    Nice one Boss

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